Learn how your attendees are engaging and connecting

As a host/community manager, knowing how attendees are enjoying your event is valuable. But no platforms really show you the engagement and satisfaction. Using Yamori app, you can visualize how success your event was


Visualize the engagement by number of interactions made among attendees


Know when valuable connections were made during the event


Know profiles of all attendees to understand them better


Know if they talk about positve or negative things about your event


Improve your event according to the real attendee’s feedbacks

Follow up

Easy follow up with attendees

What is Yamori room?

Yamori is a versatile mass introduction platform that makes networking simple in all platforms, offline and online.   

You keep platform/situation of your choice for your event, we will bring you community engaging experience to you. All you have to do is to create Yamori room in our app and share the QR code to your attendees


Customizable room

“Yamori room” is where all the magic happen. 


Set time limit

Time sensitive social space will mimic the real life event. The room will be transient, so is the opportunity to meet people

Make it location specific

For offline events, make your room visible only when users walk into the physical space

QR code is the key

The last step to enter the room is QR code. Only share with those that are present in the event



Are you tired of organizing an event that no attendees can connect?

Better engagement

The success of any event is all up to attendee’s satisfaction and ultimately to how much engagements they had to one and another. Give them a tool to interact

Visualize the satisfaction and connection

Visualize how attendees enjoyed your events by quality of interactions and connections made. Quantifying the engagement is the first step to the great community

Manage your attendees

Management of attendees is much easier with Yamori. You will get  detail profiles of people that gather in your event.


Do you always miss an opportunity to connect with others ?

Where all introductions happen

In online/offline meeting and event, you never or barely have enough time to talk about who you are to people in front of you. But without it, you cannot meet people. Let Yamori be the icebreaker

Algorithm to find the right match

It is sometime overwhelming to find out who to talk to. We will give you who you might be interested. you will never miss an oportunity

Direct message to connect

We get it. It is embarrassing to private message using FB, LinkedIn or twitter because it means you looked them up. It would be much easier if you are already given permission to talk to.

Our Customers

“We used to be giving a completely one way event where attendees just listened and never got to interact with each other. The engagement was low. Yamori has been a game changer!”

“Our co-working space was Yamori room before covid-19. More people came to our space because more connections were made. Now that we do more online events, nothing changed. Yamori helps bringing more people.”

“As an event host, attendees’ satisfaction is everything. We have been able to improve it every time since we can visualize satisfaction and engagement”

Download Yamori & start connecting

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