Simplify introduction to connect instantly

Yamori mobile app helps introduce yourself to everyone in online or offline event at once with one click.

It is the simplest way to connect to people in front of you

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Do you have these problems?

No time for introduction

Common that events with dozen+ attendees do not have time for self introduction

Don't know who to talk

Because you never get to know anyone individually, you don’t know who to talk to

Leave event with nothing

You end up alone and never obtain anything despite the excitment of networking

Enter Yamori room 

Scan QR code to get into the room created by your host. The room is designed in a way that only people present can enter so it is very exclusive. If you find someone you are interested, most likely they are right in front of you


Share your profile

There is no need to introduce your whole life in 20 seconds. Just share your profiles and people will find you. Likewise, you don’t have to google an individual in the event because they are already introducing themselves to you

Match and message

Find you match or our algorithm will find your match. All you need to do is to initiate the conversation. 

Create Yamori room anywhere




Offline event

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